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Ǵ: ǹ Ϳ (Town house - Home Office)
**SOLD**0371 Ϳ Թ ЪҪ .ЪҪ ҧǹѲ
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0371 Ϳ Թ ЪҪ .ЪҪ ҧǹѲ (Home Office for Sale Verdina Prachachuen Place)

Ҥ ٧ 3 ͷ 33.3 ҧ 鹷 232 ҧ

˹ҡҧ 8

3 ͧ͹ 4 ͧ ʹö 3 ѹ 鹷ǹйӢҧҹ

ҾǴ дǡ ҹ˹çûЪҪ

з Ϳ Դ.ЪҪ ҧǹѲ .áԨѳԵ ٹҪѲ ҧ ǧҹ ꡫ ŵ

Ҥ A (ǹ) Ҥ 5.49 ҹҷ

Ҥ B (Ƕ) Ҥ 4.99 ҹҷ

Դ 086-342-5262, [email protected]

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0371 Home Office for sale Verdina Prachachuen Place, Prachachuen Road (Near

3 storeys Modern styled Home Office on land 33.3 sq.wah, useable area 232 sq.m., 3 Bed, 4 Bath, 3 car park as 8 m. front widh

Very conveniently location on Prachachen road near Expressway Chaengwattana, Dhurakij Pundit University, Chaeng Watthana Government Complex, Surrounding with big department store The Mall Ngamwongwan, Big C, Lotus Chaengwattana, etc.

Suitable for Modern designed Residence, Home Office, Townhome or any business purposes.

Unit A (Garden view) Price : 5.49 Million Baht
Unit B (Street view) Price : 4.99 Million Baht

Contact : 086-342-5262, [email protected]

Ǵ: ǹ Ϳ (Town house - Home Office)
»**RENTED**0383 Ϳ .آԷ 31 (.ʴ)
»**SOLD**0371 Ϳ Թ ЪҪ .ЪҪ ҧǹѲ
»**SOLD OUT **0348 Ϳ ҹҧͧ չԹ .طûҡ
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